Kessel, the Klutz, & Second Life

After the Fall (adult)

I have, once again, demonstrated to my own disatisfaction just how klutzy I am. The task was simple enough – tp over to Kessel and explore After the Fall.

After the Fall (adult)

I rarely use slurls. My standard method is to open the map, type in the name of the region, and then just teleport. You never know what you’ll land in, but the worst case is usually somebody’s front yard.

After the Fall (adult)

The good news is that I’m an inveterate camera flyer – I might be standing there in front of you, but I’m probably looking at something on the other side of the sim – because sometimes I get stuck.

After the Fall (adult)

On this occasion I landed in a sewer. Body parts floated past, there were rats, and me in the water wandering through (what feel like) miles of dark tunnel.

I’ll find my way out eventually …

After the Fall (adult)
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  1. Times like those are when you’re glad your (SL) home has a large bathtub with plenty of hot water. Also, you’re reminded how grateful you are for sim owners with TP landing spots. :)

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