When Balloons Escape, Cica Ghost in Second Life

Balloons by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica Ghost has already replaced Ruins with a new installation. Balloons officially opens tomorrow, but you can sneak in now.

As usual with this talented artist, you will find something magical. We only have a few weeks to enjoy it – so make sure you go soon!

Balloons by Cica Ghost (moderate)

This is a city suffering from neglect (also the cats are being ignored, don’t worry I did feed them because somebody has to).

The local residents are totally focused on their balloons – most of which seem to have escaped. They can’t think about anything else.

Balloons by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I don’t actually know what Cica had in mind when she designed this build. I can only tell you that it made me think of addiction.

We occasionally hear stories of people who have allowed their children to suffer because of an obsession with games. Think of the reports of those who lose everything to drugs. The rest of their world becomes unimportant.

Balloons by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Inflated plastic bubbles might seem like an odd thing to create such a personal fixation, and collateral damage, but we’re not the ones with that desperate passion.

You can join them though – just to share the experience. Get your own balloon at the landing spot and see what they find so compelling. :)

Balloons by Cica Ghost (moderate)
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  1. When Balloons Escape, Cica Ghost in Second Life...

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