Everwinter, but no snow, in Second Life

Everwinter (moderate)

The Bentham Forest has been displaced by a post-apocalyptic theme park and it’s gorgeous (in that spooky way we love). I finally made it there this morning.

Everwinter (moderate)

Lauren Bentham has used a variety of sources for the landscape, including art from some of our favourites (e.g., Romy Nayar & Bryn Oh), to add something more than nuclear fallout dust to the atmosphere.

Everwinter (moderate)

For those of you setting records with an accumulation of white stuff, I can assure you that you’ll see no snow. Lots of interesting characters though.

Everwinter (moderate)

For me the name brings back memories of my youth and the Cold War – a Nuclear Winter was on everybody’s mind. I won’t point out the parallels with today’s political climate.

It’s a theme park! Go have fun! :)

Everwinter (moderate)
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