Finding Omega Point Again in Second Life

Omega Point (moderate)

For years they were my favourite regions in Second Life – Alpha Point & Omega Point. I failed repeatedly to take great images of them (I’d like to think I’ve improved enough that I’d do a better job now), and every RezDay I did the Poppins Challenge in the skies over those builds. Then they went away.

Omega Point (moderate)

This morning I saw a photo by Koro Carnell entitled Omega Point and, trying not to get my hopes too high, I went to check it out.

It’s 2000m in the air and the further I got into the build the more convinced I became that this was, in fact, the work of Sweetlemon Jewell↑. I confirmed that by inspecting some of the objects but, if you remember the work that she and Masoon Ringo did, the creator is obvious.

Omega Point (moderate)

The story I always told myself, as I explored the original sims, was of a futuristic fantasy race somehow crashing into an old medieval time and adapting it for their own purposes.

Sweetlemon describes the build as Dark Fantasy, but my version still works. In this case though, we’re earlier in story and the conquest is much more recent.

Omega Point (moderate)

There are a lot of similarities in her old and new designs. You have to explore everything to find all of the wonders, there are lots of stairs (make sure you find the ones going underground), and there are great characters.

We also still have the contrast between the futuristic & blue with the historical & stone. It’s gorgeous!

Omega Point (moderate)

This isn’t the full sim build that I remember, but it is still growing. I found Sweetlemon at the bottom of a number of flights of stairs and I think she’s going to continue the creation down there.

We always mourn the loss of favourite sims as if the creation was all that mattered, but the builders/creators/designers themselves (in most cases) haven’t left us. They can move on to new projects and localities. Omega Point has been reborn and I’m thrilled!

Omega Point (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  March 13, 2015

    By God’s Holy Trousers, Sweetlemon is back and building again?!

    /me packs her travelling kit anew and sets off to see …

  2. Spanki Moulliez

     /  March 13, 2015

    looks amazing!

  3. Paypabak Writer

     /  March 31, 2015

    Wonderful news! One of my all-time favorite builders is back at it!

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