Isle of Grace & Thoughts about IWD in Second Life

Isle of Grace (moderate)

It’s International Women’s Day and, while I’m thinking 200,000 angry words, I’ll just make some brief comments about blind arrogance.  You can skip them and simply look at the pictures of Isle of Grace. :)

Isle of Grace (moderate)

Many women (and men) look at countries and cultures thousands of miles away and say “Their attitudes/behaviour/problems have to be fixed! We’d better do something.” The problems are real, but the solutions often ignore the fact that there are smart women (and men) in those parts of the world as well.

Isle of Grace (moderate)

If somebody asks for help, and we are able, I’m all for giving it. In the meantime, if we want to occupy the moral high ground while we lecture those we subconsciously consider backward, we need to be able to look in the mirror without flinching.

There are so many things we have to fix in our own home towns, countries, and cultures.

Isle of Grace (moderate)

Let’s begin to change the world by; teaching our children that, while we love them,”boys will be boys” is not an excuse for the inexcusable; creating systems of education that don’t tolerate abuse/sexism; electing people we might disagree with, but who actually have more than 2 brain cells.

We should start at home.

Isle of Grace (moderate)
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