Light Thoughts & Fun With Buttons in Second Life

Light Thoughts (moderate)

I made one of my favourite Second Life purchases many years ago. It looked a little like a manly-sized barbeque, with lots of buttons and dials and levers. It was a particle generator for those of us who don’t code. Many a happy hour was spent pushing, turning, and pulling to produce different cool effects.

That wonderful machine was to Light Thoughts what an earthworm is to a full-sized dragon.

Light Thoughts (moderate)

The installation on LEA15 by Mario2 Helstein is a “sim is filled with innovative lighting and mesh effects. The purpose of this sim is to be a fun place, with regular shows and events.”

You can start your adventure by sitting in a boat as it floats through a wonderland of colour and form, watching for distinct objects to appear and then be replaced by even more amazing creations. I spent a lot of time de-rendering (or hiding selected in the main viewer) to isolate just a few of them.

Light Thoughts (moderate)

You’ll also find a poster to click which will take you to the Exhibition Simulator. I can’t begin to tell you how big my grin was when I saw the control panel – it’s a lot larger than my photo would imply, and all the buttons work.

You can create a huge show of movement and light and colour – become a maestro of a luminescence.

Light Thoughts (moderate)

Go with your friends – those who like pushing buttons can take turns putting on a gigantic display. The rest can sit in the theatre and contribute the ooooo’s and ahhhhh’s.

As I mentioned there will be frequent shows and events. Those we know about will be posted on the LEA Calendar, but you can create your own art and magic. You have to love a world where pushing pixel buttons can make you a wizard. :)

Light Thoughts (moderate)
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    Reminds me of the only other “Bu” I found in SL, Baba Bu, who did some cool art pieces with light effects wayyy way back.

  1. Light Thoughts & Fun With Buttons in Second...
  2. Light Thoughts & Fun With Buttons in Second...

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