Pigeon Island & Snow in Second Life

Pigeon Island (moderate)

I am not unsympathetic to those back east who have a preposterous amount of snow, but I am sharing Pigeon Island for two reasons.

First, it’s really pretty and I haven’t been there for almost a year.

Pigeon Island (moderate)

The second reason is that going inworld is the only way for me to find snow these days. We don’t have any. I don’t just mean on the city streets, that’s pretty normal. The problem is that there’s no snow on our mountains either.

Pigeon Island (moderate)

We should be wondering how long the spring skiing season will last, and if there will be floods resulting from snow melt. Instead the primary topic of conversation is the length of the drought we’re now expecting and the resulting severity of the forest fires which are anticipated.

Pigeon Island (moderate)

The virtual world solution would be for you all to transfer some of your inventory of white stuff to us. Win/win.

Until that becomes a possibility, I’ll just spend time inworld and imagine that nothing strange is going on. :)

Pigeon Island (moderate)
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