The Paradise of CyberPolis in Second Life

The Paradise of CyberPolis (moderate)

So the problem with crashing spaceships is that you wind up in really odd places and it’s a long way home.  You could, of course, land somewhere like CyberPolis, a story and game-based installation on LEA12.

The Paradise of CyberPolis (moderate)

This immersive landscape has been created by Sable (snakeappletree) and Asmita Duranjaya and, to add to your adventure/enjoyment, there is a wonderful HUD and book in both English & German. You really need this both to understand the story and to solve the puzzle.

The Paradise of CyberPolis (moderate)

The official opening will take place on March 15 (that link takes you to the LEA Calendar, check it frequently for the events we know about) with music provided by DJ Ginniji. You don’t have to wait for that event though, the story and game and art are all waiting for you now.

The Paradise of CyberPolis (moderate)

Sable and Asmita consider this a work in progress, which means that things will change here and there. To be fair to them, I should tell you I took some of these photos weeks ago and things already look different.

I noticed, though, that a corner store is still there – if you’re going to crash in an alien urban environment it’s good to know you can still get snacks. :)

The Paradise of CyberPolis (moderate)
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