If You Go Out in the Woods Today – Second Life Problems

Blithe (moderate)

It’s a wonderful day and I decided to return for a longer look at Blithe, a stunning build covering two sims and centered around The Pixel Bean CoffeeHouse. I’ll warn you now that you can spend hours exploring this landscape offered for our enjoyment by Harlow Heslop.

There are seaside beauty spots, hidden quirky buildings, and a forest with trails that seems to go on forever. This is not the Second Life problem I refer to in my title.

Blithe (moderate)

I started on Lost Angel and then moved to Heart Song, the region where you’ll find the CoffeeHouse. I was camming around, and trying to take a photo from the top of the mountain, when strange objects starting filling my screen.

Well, I say objects, but I couldn’t select them so that might be a misnomer. Whatever was going on, these giant “things” were filling the sim. Griefing seemed like the logical cause, but again that’s not the problem I was going to bring up.

Blithe (moderate)

There were a few people on the island, however these “things” seemed to be emanating from one avatar next to the Pixel Bean. I could be wrong – she could have been just standing there in the middle of them for a long time because she was taking a photo for her fashion blog.

I thought it was worth talking to her before jumping to conclusions, so I tp’ed over and said “Hello”. Then I crashed (with my brand new fancy computer). That’s too much of a coincidence even for me – though I suppose it could have been the whole sim. Taking other avatars down is pretty standard, so that’s not the problem either.

Blithe (moderate)

I went back 30 minutes later and she was still there, so were the griefing objects. I did what any responsible resident is supposed to do – I got as close as I could and filed an abuse report (though I did explain I couldn’t select the objects and identify the culprit for certain).

The Second Life problem I encountered, which actually did piss me off? I wanted to slap her – assuming she was doing the griefing – or whoever. The problem is that my one slap animation requires me to be within 2 meters of the target. It also requires me to find it in my inventory. :)  Damn!

Blithe (moderate)
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  1. Betty

     /  February 21, 2015

    You can turn off particles and look for the rezzer- having transparent on usually helps.

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