Upending the Toybox, MadTone in Second Life

MadTone (general)

He’s all about sounds & music & noise & fun. He’s Lorin Tone and his latest installation, called MadTone, includes a variety of soundscapes encountered as you explore the contents of this man’s toybox. They’ve been collected for more than 8 years now and many of the whacky things you’ll see were created by his good friend Madcow Cosmos.

There will be concerts on a fabulous stage, but you don’t need to wait for them to be entertained.

MadTone (general)

Not content with simply turning his box of treasures upside down, and providing soundtracks for their adventures, he’s making it possible for you to add many of them to your own playtime inventory.

That ChooChoo Train avatar up top? It’s yours for free. There are more novelties available including; a Rodent Bumper Car Avatar so you can play Bumper Car Pinball, a Baby Godzilla (situated in the set for Godzilla Eats Las Vegas), and the wonderful MadTone Magic Singing Harp.

Turn on your sounds as you wander through the flotsam & jetsam of Lorin’s chest of marvels. You’ll be amused, insulted, intrigued, and lulled by what you hear. Look up and down, and don’t miss the Whale Choir. Have a good rummage – the child in you will be entertained and grateful!

MadTone (general)
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