Finding an Elusive Spring in Second Life

Pandora Box of Dreams (moderate)

I’m very suspicious of beds in Second Life. In my own defence, I have wound up in awkward situations by innocently clicking on chairs in adult clubs (I was there to listen to a singer, OK?) and a bed seems so much more likely to give me an experience I’d far rather avoid.

Pandora Box of Dreams (moderate)

In this case it turned out that the bed was a portal through which you enter the current dream on Pandora Box of Dreams↑ – Sakura.

Given that much of the Northern Hemisphere is undergoing some serious winter sh*t, this seems like an ideal time to escape and surround yourself with cherry blossoms.

Pandora Box of Dreams (moderate)

You are encouraged to think about dreams, to explore them, and to find the mystical power of them.

I assume that this is what all the people lying/sitting/flying around were doing and that’s why their status was “away”.

Pandora Box of Dreams (moderate)

If you need to escape, want to ponder great metaphysical mysteries, or even just take a nap – this is a very pretty place to do it.

I believe Jackson Verlack↑ and Mizaki↑ will be creating more dreams in the future. This one is a great start! :)

Pandora Box of Dreams (moderate)
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  1. Thank you soooo much for blogging about Pandora Box of Dreams! I am glad you had a good time and did not get too scared of the bed xD haha. This is great and if you have these pictures in flickr, please do add them tot he group!

  2. Reblogged this on Sweet Laments and commented:
    Sooo..I know I havent been around here xD I have been so busy with other things….but I need to share this! Honour blogged about a sim in second life that my partner and I opened up. He basically built the whole thing and designed pandora Box of Dreams which is going to be a new dreaming outlet in Second life! We will be introducing other dreams in 2-3 months time so for now enjoy our very first dream. Dreams of Sakura! Thank you so much Honour McMillan for your blog post!! <3 Check out our flickr here for you SL lovers!

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