3 Valentine’s Options, Even if You’re Single in Second Life

Fresh Start by Misprint Thursday @ OBR (general)

People really need to stop thinking that the single state is somehow a handicap or an obstacle – even in Second Life! Here are 3 things you can do today which you will enjoy with a partner and which can be thoroughly entertaining even if you’re solo.

One Billion Rising in Second Life is on, with music and dance and art and lots of really cool people. You can make it just part of your Valentine’s, but you may wind up staying for hours!

Isle of View (general)

You’ll think I’m crazy, but you should visit the Linden Moles’ fabulous Valentine’s themed build on Isle of View. If you’re looking for love I’ll point out that all of the people I saw there were single. This is a better choice than your local grocery aisle. :)

Lastly, find some peace and contentment by visiting the glorious Blithe. These two sims can support romance or allow you some time alone to realize that having a partner might be “nice to have”, but it’s definitely not necessary.

Blithe (moderate)
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