Changes, a Tip, & OBR In Second Life

Cadenza (general)

Cadenza has changed! I’ve posted about this beautiful sim before, and admittedly I can’t expect to know everything that goes on everywhere, but I missed this renovation last Christmas so I wanted to share the update even if it doesn’t feel timely.

Being a Happy Mood region I know I’m going to love the landscape materials – this visit though I was really struck by the Windlight. Just look at that sky!

Cadenza (general)

I’ve told you before that there is a (complicated) way to edit/save a region default Windlight on the main viewer if you don’t what it is. It turns out there’s a far simpler way than the one I had been doing.

Go to World/Environment/Sky/Create New and you’ll have the region default with the ability to manipulate it. Just give it a name and save it. Personally I use the title of the build, which helps me remember what it looks like.

Cadenza (general)

To locate the Christmasy aspect of the changes, find the chimney poking out of a sandbar and click on it. You’ll be transported to an underwater bubble with a red ribbon path that leads to wonderfully festive vignettes.

It’s so pretty you don’t need to wait until the holidays to enjoy the view. I found people sitting down there meditating, or pondering, or cleaning their inventory. Whatever they were doing it’s a beautiful place to do it.

Cadenza (general)

One of the things that my altered real life has dictated is my inability to commit to projects I would normally plunge into headfirst. Community events, working with teams of enthusiastic volunteers, and creating magic out of 10,000 different variables, is a joyous experience.

A favourite memory is working on the first One Billion Rising in Second Life two years ago. The theme that year was Walk/Strike/Dance/Rise. The real world organizers of this global event had released a song and videos were created by women and men all over the world. Second Life’s contribution reflected much of our cultural and international diversity – and it was fun.

OBR 2015 in Second Life will take place in 3 days – you can find out more on their blog (including information about the Press Preview). In the meantime, I’m pleased to share this really cool machinima from the 2013 event. It was a LOT of work, but well worth it. :)

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