Out of my Comfort Zone; Beauty Shots & Giant Snails in Second Life

The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)

Beauty shots require the skills and expertise of somebody like Strawberry Singh, and I don’t have to worry about them as long as I focus on art or landscapes. Until now.

Obviously I’m no Berry but, faced with the need/desire to share one of those unique species we have inworld, I’ll try my best.

The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)

I remember it as if it were more than 7 years ago. Wandering innocently around an SL Birthday celebration, I turned a corner and fell headlong into a mad crush on one of the strangest/most beautiful beings I’d ever seen.

It was a giant snail called RacerX Gullwing. Racer will be 11 years old in June of this year and, for some reason, one of his first thoughts when he hit the grid was that Second Life really needed Giant Snail Races.

The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)

Giant Snail Races necessarily require the existence of Giant Snails. I still have a couple of examples Racer handed out all those years ago sitting happily in a corner of my inventory.

Over the years the snails have become far more eccentric, detailed, gorgeous, and outlandish. This is enthusiastically encouraged by the designation of themes for various races.

The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)

You can view a retrospective of some of these amazing creatures now on LEA4 – the humour, creativity, and crush-inducing sexiness has only increased over the years.  You can also learn more about Giant Snail Racing, which remains a favourite pastime for many.

I learned that I should leave the beauty shots to the experts. :)

The Art of Giant Snails (moderate)
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