Never Underestimate the Importance of a Snowball Bazooka in Second Life

Winter Wonderland (general)

If you haven’t been, or haven’t heard, the Lindens opened a 4 sim Winter Wonderland full of really cool stuff. In addition to skating, and a ferris wheel, there is a snowboarding course that winds around the place. It uses experience tools as well – so accept the request to animate your avatar.

I saw some brave people whizzing by and it looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my driving ban covers everything – and that includes pieces of wood strapped to your feet.

Winter Wonderland (general)

The really big news this week is that the Snowball Fight is back! This tradition has been missed by those of us who indulged in years past – there are a lot of great memories to be had. So, tomorrow (Friday Feb. 6) from 10:00 am to noon SLT, you too can make icy war on each other and the Lindens. It’s sooo nice to have them back inworld!

The venue for the “official” Fight is a great build. There were a number of avatars exploring it and I suspect they’re doing reconnaissance in preparation.

Winter Wonderland (general)

I want to encourage you to grab the free gifts that are available. Not only the skates and snowglobe and penguins. The snowball guns might come in very handy in the future.

I wrote (badly) 7 years ago about an incident in my Second Life. A would-be Dom appeared in front of me and, when I searched for a way to get rid of her, I realized my snowball thrower was the only real weapon I had (well, apart from my bagpipes).

As you can see, the weaponry has undergone some major advancements.

Winter Wonderland (general)

I’m adding all of these tools to my inventory and look forward to the next time somebody thinks they can just push me around. Trapping somebody in a snowball would feel very satisfying.

You should visit Winter Wonderland and you really, really should try and make it to the Snowball Fight. I need some practice! :)

Winter Wonderland (general)
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