Yet Another Tiny Gem, Tamagosenbei in Second Life

Tamagosenbei (moderate)

You know, if I set out to try and uncover a tiny gem of a build every week I’d fail. That’s how things work. If it seems I’m blogging about one regularly it’s pure luck – so we’ll hope my luck continues.

Today’s “gem” proves that it’s possible for somebody to show us everything they love about living in urban Tokyo, and do it on 4,000 sq m.

Tamagosenbei (moderate)

I don’t know how it’s feasible to wind up with nooks & crannies in such a small space, but they managed.

You’ll find an underground club, a karaoke bar (up the back stairs next to a Shinto shrine), and a theatre showing anime.

Tamagosenbei (moderate)

There are multiple vignettes around a tiny intersection, an apartment belonging to a young urban party person, street games and places to eat.

The buildings host big screens showing commercials, and you’re surrounded by noise and lights.

Tamagosenbei (moderate)

One of my favourite little corners of this small, but complex, build is the public washroom. I didn’t go in – but I peeked. :)

Go visit Tamagosenbei and you may fall in love with it as well.

Tamagosenbei (moderate)
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  1. Yet Another Tiny Gem, Tamagosenbei in Second Li...

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