I Want to Live in Pretty – Timeless Memories in Second Life

Timeless Memories (moderate)

Let’s just take a break and do pretty today, shall we? I’m sure you’ve been there by now, but Elvira Kytori’ssim Timeless Memories is well worth a revisit.

In addition to its beauty, this region reminds us of a major advantage in the virtual realm – the ability to control the weather.

Timeless Memories (moderate)

There are major snowstorms right now over much of my continent. I, however, live in a location variously referred to as the wet coast, or the rain forest camelot.

Before that whole non-existent climate change thing, people back east bored each other by saying “It always rains there.”

Timeless Memories (moderate)

We tell visitors if you can’t see the mountains then it’s raining. If you can see the mountains, then it’s not raining yet.

Last year we had a 5 month period of exceedingly hot and uniformly dry weather, something which was disconcerting for a population far more used to rusting than tanning. We’re about to make up for it.

Timeless Memories (moderate)

Our current forecast calls for a 3 day period where we’ll get 50+mm of rain (2+ inches) per day. That should be fun.

I don’t mind the rain so much obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t live here. It is, however, not as pretty as this region’s landscapeSomebody work on that, OK?

Timeless Memories (moderate)
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  1. Bear Silvershade

     /  February 2, 2015

    Wet coasters don’t tan, we rust.

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