Plans & Hopes & Openings in Second Life

Ionic (moderate)

My time is not my own. So, rather than doing what I planned for today’s post, I’ll just throw in some shots of Ionic cute. I can share some information about two openings this weekend though, and these involve friends of mine.

Giovanna Cerise is having a major Retrospective of her works which begins this afternoon. Note that the sim is “adult”.

Ionic (moderate)

In addition, two of my favourite people are behind an installation which will start tomorrow with a party (Feb. 1 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm slt). Slatan Dryke will have the first public exhibition of his photographs at Jo Balogh’s Seaside Gallery.

I plan to make it to both. I also plan to tell you about another major opening. Plan might be the wrong word these days. Mostly, much like this little bunny, I just have hopes.

Ionic (moderate)
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