Dark & Rural Second Life

Missing Mile (moderate)

The Missing Mile is a primarily residential, dark, rural community spread across two sims.

They welcome photographers and machinimatographers but, again, it’s residential so don’t go wandering into peoples’ homes. :)

Missing Mile (moderate)

I too live in a rural area – well, semi-rural. There are lots of farms around the town, and many fishermen.

My only issue with this area is with certain individuals in the wildlife category. I love animals and I don’t wish any of them ill, but there is one species that is determined to change my mind. I speak, of course, about raccoons.

Missing Mile (moderate)

Last year I had an ongoing debate with one concerning his right (or lack thereof) to try and claw his way through my roof. I think I’m winning that particular battle.

The other night, around 7:00 pm, I opened the back door and turned on the outside light. There were two very large specimens having sex about 6 feet away. They stopped in mid-coitus and we stared at each other.

Missing Mile (moderate)

I said something very articulate, like “Hey!”, in the tone of voice reserved for kids trashing your lawn. They slowly turned and ambled away. Five minutes later they sauntered back to the exact same spot, and resumed their x-rated activity.

Someday I’ll figure out a way to make them think I’m really scary. So far I’m failing miserably.

Missing Mile (moderate)
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