Old Wive’s Tales & Second Life

Scribbled Hearts (moderate)

I’ve been dealing a lot with firmly entrenched “old wive’s tales” lately. One I know to be true (Really! I’ve monitored it carefully!) is that if it rains when the sun is shining, it will rain again the next day.

This seems to apply to snow as well – at least in Second Life.

Scribbled Hearts (moderate)

Contrary to my Mother’s belief that she caught a chest cold because she was transported from the hospital in less than adequate winter garments, you and I know that a virus is responsible.

Scribbled Hearts (moderate)

Also, contrary to her instructions, I am not going to apply butter when I burn myself. It’s possible that, at a time without electricity, butter kept in a cold cellar might be helpful. Today we have better options.

Scribbled Hearts (moderate)

Having said all of that, I have to admit that my first reaction when I saw this next character was to tell him to put a hat on.

He doesn’t have any heat to lose, and even if he did it wouldn’t get lost at a faster rate through his head. Still, old habits die hard. :)

Scribbled Hearts (moderate)
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