The Outer Garden in Second Life

The Outer Garden (moderate)

I wasn’t going to do a winter shoot today. In fact, I postponed one of the obvious places to go just so I wasn’t taking pictures of snow.

The Outer Garden (moderate)

Then I was led to a tiny jewel of a build, 3000 m in the air. A stark white background isn’t the same thing as snow, right?

The Outer Garden (moderate)

The Outer Garden, owned by Bisou Dexler, is another example of the hidden treasures you know are all over the grid.

The Outer Garden (moderate)

I wish there was a map to each of them. Until that happens, it’s just a joy to experience the ones you do find.

The Outer Garden (moderate)
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  1. orijinalchris

     /  January 23, 2015

    beautiful (:

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