Moya’s Memories in Second Life

“Moya’s Memories” (moderate)

I first encountered the work of  Moya Janus in 2011 when I visited his home sims. They’re still there, and if you’ve explored them you’ll have some idea what to expect at the newly opened Moya’s Memories on MetaLes.

The real life artist Patrick Moya has had a virtual world presence for almost 8 years, something he highlights on his website, and he has created exhibits which linked the two realities.

“Moya’s Memories” (moderate)

Viewing the works of Moya, to me, is a lot like having a conversation with somebody who continually refers to themselves in the third person. This isn’t a bad thing and it’s certainly to be expected when the title of the installation is self-referential.

This exhibit appears to be a retrospective – not only of his inworld works, but his development in life. There are two pieces I found highly illustrative of what I felt was the theme. The first was a timeline showing the evolution of Moya from childhood to superhero. The second was this work:

“Moya’s Memories” (moderate)

Moya’s memories are loud and chaotic and plentiful. When I first saw his islands I said “I have to admit to sensory overload during my visit.  There was point at which I was afraid to move my camera because there would be a whole new area full of images and objects I would then have to digest.

That hasn’t changed. It’s an odd counterpoint to the foundation of his exhibit which is, what I always perceived as, the organized logic of a circuit board.

“Moya’s Memories” (moderate)

It makes sense that life isn’t neat and tidy, that all the structure and coding in the world won’t make our growth straightforward. Looking back, Moya has identified both the chaos of memories and the fun of the adventure.

Becoming superheroes isn’t easy. Moya’s exuberance has led him to that place in his memories. I hope mine will do the same.

“Moya’s Memories” (moderate)
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  1. caramia Mizin

     /  January 25, 2015

    Hi Honor, thank you for the review on Patrick Moya’s work, I visited with a friend and we were both ‘wowed’. I’ve not seen any of his art in real life, but will certainly keep an eye for his name should a collection come down my way.


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