The Aroonshire Fortress in Second Life

Aroonshire Fortress (moderate)

There is an island called Winter Faire, home to the Dwarfin breedables. You’ll find a colourful market and everything you’d need to create their reality (and, subsequently yours).

What drew me, however, is the structure which climbs the rock face above the town.

Aroonshire Fortress (moderate)

The Aroonshire Fortress was built by the Dwarfin’s own Jaime Hancroft↑ and it’s a glorious celebration of rock and stone and fantasy.

Wandering the narrow corridors between buildings and climbing the gravity-defying stairs is an adventure.

Aroonshire Fortress (moderate)

I swore years ago to avoid getting involved in the breedables craze. I tried one and got consumed by it.

If, though, this imposing edifice had been around I might have made a different decision, just for the opportunity to feel like I could live there.

Aroonshire Fortress (moderate)

I think you’ll enjoy this Fortress and you should also check out the town and market below.

You might discover there is some dwarf in your DNA. :)

Aroonshire Fortress (moderate)
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  1. Honour’s what a wonderful posts and photos you do. You are a remarkable exception of excellence. Congratulations and if it is not clear enough: you count with my respect and admiration. Best, Aino

  2. I remember this build from the Fantasy Faire 2014 the Hopes Horizon. It was wonderful there, and it’s wonderful now. You do it justice :-))


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