A Fatal Attraction in Second Life

The New Shoregate (adult)

You know how, in the physical world, there are people who seem to be irresistible to mosquitoes? I am, and I never seem to have the correct weapons to fend them off.

I have the same problem, albeit with a different predator, inworld.

The New Shoregate (adult)

Yeah. Zombies. Luckily for me I usually fly my camera around anyway, so I just sit down and try to ignore them.

The New Shoregate is described thusly: Meet people, discover literature, arts and creativity, or do our simwide adventure-game while shooting zombieheads to red jelly in a lovely dark victorian setting!

The New Shoregate (adult)

I’ve also seen the following: A doomed expedition, a mysterious cult raising the dead and a steampunk city fallen under madness and decay – the ideal place to book your next holiday!

While most vacations do come with some kind of bugs, this little guy seems a trifle exotic.

The New Shoregate (adult)

I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time on this sim, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. There could be just about anything around that next corner.

I recommend you bring some kind of protection!

The New Shoregate (adult)
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  1. Judging by the pictures, the place has the feel of New Babbage to it. This is a good thing.


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