The Journey to a New PC for Second Life

Milky Maihime Japanese Show Dance Club (moderate)

You’ve endured part of the process so far, so you might as well enjoy the rest of this journey.

I ordered a computer this morning. This will be the first brand new, fully configured PC I’ve purchased in 9 years. The process to this point has not been without frustration.

While I waited for the necessary funds to appear in my account I picked out the perfect rig technology-wise and money-wise. 3 hours later it had sold out. The same thing happened with the next 4 selections I made.

I spent hours researching and comparing cpu’s and video cards (like I know what I’m doing). It quickly became apparent that you have to sacrifice quality in one or the other if you have any chance of staying on budget.

Milky Maihime Japanese Show Dance Club (moderate)

I got the processor I wanted, but have to settle for a video card that isn’t quite what I’d hoped. I stopped whining though when I plugged it and my current card into one of those comparison sites. The improvement should be so great I won’t miss what I don’t have.

She’s 9 years old, and I’ve pushed her hard. I’ll make sure she retires to a nice gpu farm where she can live out her days in a far lower stress environment. She deserves that much, and more, for all her hard work. :)

Now I’ll just cross my fingers that the brand new, shiny machine arrives intact, fully operational … and soon!

Milky Maihime Japanese Show Dance Club (moderate)
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  1. So excited for you!! But the process of setting up a new machine is so tedious. Can’t wait to see through the eyes of your new beast!

  2. Thank you – I’m writing a list of all the shit i have to do to prepare before I even tackle setup. I might be too old for this :p

  3. Congrats!! As amazing as your screenshots have been (on a NINE year old computer!?!?) I’m really looking forward to what you’ll present when you’re all set up. Good luck, Honour!

  4. Thank you :)


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