A Bit of Luck & Second Life

Soyokaze (moderate)

You may remember that I asked Santa for a new computer. He must have forgotten because it didn’t happen. However, I got really lucky a day or so ago and a new machine should be sitting on my desk in the next couple of weeks.

It won’t be the biggest/fastest/bestest that’s out there. The cats encouraged me to remember that we all have to eat this month as well.

I console myself with the realization that whatever I get will be a major improvement over what I have. I also keep reminding myself that, once it’s here, I will be able to actually explore the mysteries of locations such as Soyokaze.

The bits I managed to see on this old machine tell me it’s well worth visiting. :)

Soyokaze (moderate)
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  1. I had to update my nearly 7 years old computer at the end of 2014. As you say, not the biggest/fastest/bestest but a major improvement on what I had too. It’s so nice not to have the ‘discarded textures’ thing happening anymore and be able to cam and move around in a busy area again. Enjoy your new computer! Look forward to seeing your posts with the new rig.

  2. Huzzah for a new computer! (And boo to Santa for not delivering one.) Based on the amazing pictures from your old computer, I can only imagine what the newer one will show!

    I’ve been mulling over a system upgrade for a few months. Maybe in 2015…

  3. Beautiful. I love waterside views in SL.

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