Dear Santa, from Second Life

~Paradiso~ (moderate)

Dear Santa,

I feel guilty writing you this letter – it’s an inherently selfish act. I remind myself that there are others in my circumstances and ask you to consider this a “class action” request. :)

Because you see everything I do throughout the year, and know when I’m being naughty or nice, you will be aware that I spend most of my time (and gain all of my joy) from capturing images in the virtual world called Second Life.

Little Town by Cica Ghost (moderate)

The majority of pics in this post are unused items from explorations earlier this year. My plan, however, was to feature winter in the Hogwarts roleplay build – I saw these images↑ on BitacoraViajera and got really excited. I envisioned all sorts of possibilities.

I’ve made multiple visits to the sim over the past few days. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes of waiting for textures to rez (with basic shaders turned off), this is all I could ever see.

Mischief Managed (moderate)

I’m not the only one with this problem, but it is not universal. The rest must have the technology necessary to continue to visit, and admire, all of the wonderous places on the grid.

It’s not world peace, or an end to hunger and deprivation, still I’m going to beg (with embarrassed humility) for a new computer.

Becoming by Meilo Minotaur & Capcat Ragu (moderate)

I truly believe, Santa, that you should come and visit us in Second Life. If you spent anytime at all exploring the many magical locations, you would see your way clear to throwing a few thousand advanced computer systems into that bag of yours.

Next year I’ll ask for an end to poverty and clean water for all. :)

Yamatai (adult)
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  1. Fuck world peace, I want a pony!

    /me throws a temper tantrum, herself on the ground and bangs her little fists.

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