Winter Things and *cough* Helpful Cats in Second Life

Winter Things (moderate)

If you had been in my typist’s work space this morning you would have heard sleepy, yet joyous, cries of delight. I don’t know what the Lab did this week but, for the first time in far too long, textures are once again rezzing on my screen.

Winter Things (moderate)

I have a backlog of photos to take for the next issue of Prim Perfect, so I just did some quick shots of Winter Things to prove to myself that I wasn’t imagining things. Between router issues and inworld frustrations this is the first time I’ve accomplished anything in weeks. Well, online anyway.

Winter Things (moderate)

Preparations for the upcoming holiday are well underway. I spent a few hours yesterday wrapping gifts – unfortunately the cats decided to help. Duff spent (and is spending) his time trying to consume all the ribbon in the world.

Fergus was much more “helpful”. He’d walk on the package just as I had the paper draped and sized on it, then he’d try opening it before it had even been taped. He also likes curling up in the boxes which are supposed to hold people’s gifts. It’s tempting just to wrap him and get him out of the way.

Winter Things (moderate)

At the moment he’s removing bows and placing them in strategic locations around the house. Duff then eats them. Normal cats would just demolish the tree!

I can assure those who go to open my gifts on the 25th that there was a point when they weren’t slimy and chewed. Honest!

Winter Things (moderate)
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  1. Sounds like fun, Honour! Cats and Christmas are a perfect match (so to speak!). We once had two cats (brother and sister) named (aptly) Mister and Sister. Their first Christmas, they climbed up the center of the Christmas tree, got about halfway up and – to their great and YOWLING alarm! – that they could not go back down because of all those pesky sharp needles. OUCH! Getting them out was quite a trick, but we managed – and we only almost knocked over the tree two or three times! Ah, the joys of Christmas!
    Your two kitty-darlings sound mischievous and delightful. So glad to know about the texture-rezzing improvements: yaya! Your photos in this post are wonderful (no news there) – so, off I go to Winter Things!


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