Never Ending Winter in Second Life

Never Ending (moderate)

It’s hard for me not to think about winter right now. My physical world is covered in snow and the temperature is -8 with the windchill.

Inworld there are hundreds of regions now decorated for the season and upcoming holiday.

Never Ending (moderate)

Some of them, like Never Ending, do it a little differently and manage to include cute without saccharin, and traditional without being boring.

I rarely share shopping notes, but I’ve been seeing these bears by *Ionic* in really adorable poses around the grid. You’ll have to search for the store inworld.

Never Ending (moderate)

I also fell in love with this Antler Tree by Ilsa Gealach for Cheeky Pea. The mesh work, as is the case with everything they do, is fabulous.

Never Ending (moderate)

I fell in love with this sim, mostly because it offers nice options for enjoying the snow without imposing guilt about trying to ignore my Christmas shopping.

I’ll just relax on this chair and pretend I’m on vacation. :)

Never Ending (moderate)
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