Let’s Pretend Second Life

Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

Let’s pretend. Let’s spend some time experiencing winter without all the hassle and damage and pain it brings in real life.

Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

Let’s enjoy what can be done when somebody landscapes with care and joy, even on just a portion of a homestead. Cantrip de Savor is a wonderful example.

Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

You don’t have to shovel, or worry about your pipes freezing, or your roof crashing in (assuming you even have a roof). Frostbite in our world is just roleplay.

Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

Let’s pretend that this isn’t a day I try very hard not to acknowledge in the physical world. You know the one where much of humanity demonstrates, on camera, that civilization is pretty much at an end.

At least they’ll have that flat screen tv they always wanted.

Cantrip de Savor (moderate)
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  1. I truly appreciate your posts, Honour. One of those things I am thankful for and love about SL. I am always a learner.


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