Rezzing Pinoy Hideout in Second Life

Pinoy Hideout (moderate)

I know I need a new computer. Many of us have this on our wishlist. I’ve been coping though and still managing to take some photos and navigate around the grid.

Lately it’s become ridiculous. I stand there, with advanced lighting turned off, my draw distance at 64, no windlight or other floaters open, and textures just refuse to load. I wouldn’t even mind the idiotic fps of 2 if I could actually see something.

Pinoy Hideout (moderate)

This doesn’t happen to me everywhere, but the result has been that I just give up. Today I was determined to get some shots of Pinoy Hideout, the Neva Crystall designed sim which opened a couple of weeks ago.

After trying, and failing, to get the sim to be anything but grey, I installed the recent beta version of the main viewer which addresses lag in mesh textures. Inara has a good post on the project and an explanation by Monty Linden.

Pinoy Hideout (moderate)

The Viewer did its job – although I had to relog a couple of times because it seemed to get (what I’ll call) texture fatigue. I was still dealing with an insanely low fps, and then noticed that everytime my chat window got hit with a message, the world seemed to stop.

I switched chat from “expanded” to “compact” and got a huge bump in performance.

Pinoy Hideout (moderate)

This sim is well worth visiting and they’re hosting a photography contest for those of you who would like to enter. It closes on November 30 and you can see the entries in the Pinoy Hideout Flickr Group. All the details about the contest are available at the landing spot – there’s a billboard which will give you a notecard.

I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket and see if I can get lucky enough to replace this beast. The insanity has to end. :)

Pinoy Hideout (moderate)
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  1. Estelle Pienaar

     /  November 25, 2014

    What you could try is have a look at SL GO. It does unfortunately cost 10$ per Month but that is still cheaper than buying a gaming pc every 5 years. Performance should be like having a 2000$ PC all of a sudden. Cloud gaming will be the future anyway. Much cheaper than buying individual computers.

  2. Inara Pey

     /  November 26, 2014

    When having problems (which can be more rampant thanks to the interest list changes), trying going to Preferences > Graphics and toggling Basic Shaders off (no nee to turn ALM et al off – it will disable them). Wait a handful of seconds as thing pop-into view and render, then toggle Basic Shaders back on.


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