Rebirth & The Machinima Expo in Second Life

Rebirth … together! by 2Lei (moderate)

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is on November 25. Every year, beginning in 2010, the 2LEI collective of “artists, musicians, gallery owners, and cultural figures” of Second Life has held events and exhibits designed to show their support for the cause.

Rebirth … together! by 2Lei (moderate)

This year’s theme is “Rebirth … together!”, with the tagline It’s not a full victory unless you’re reborn together. This exhibit of works by many 2D and 3D artists is being hosted on LEA6 and will continue there until the end of December.

You’ll find references to previous exhibits and new works by many favourite artists. There will be musical events as well and you can learn all about them on their calendar.

Rebirth … together! by 2Lei (moderate)

I didn’t take any close-up images of the 2D works – that always feels like I’m stealing them. Instead you get a rare selfie – I haven’t seen any of Pol Jarvinen’s work for a long time, so I took advantage of the opportunity to do a little meditation in the artist’s piece.

While I’m on the subject of LEA, there are two things I need to mention. The first is that you have one more week to submit your application for the next round of Artist in Residence Grants. You could have your own sim, for 6 months, to realize that vision in your head and share it with the rest of us.

Rebirth … together! by 2Lei (moderate)

The second is to let you know that today is the day for the huge Machinima Expo – the World’s only Virtual Machinima/Animation Festival. This is its 7th year and it will be live-streamed inworld from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm SLT at the LEA Theatre.

The full schedule is here and you should note that Second Life is well represented, including a profile of our own Hypatia Pickens at 1:45.

Rebirth … together! by 2Lei (moderate)
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