The Chamber Library in Second Life

The Chamber Library (moderate)

I love libraries. A very large proportion of my life has been spent within their walls … well until relatively recently. I don’t love them any less, but the size of print in books is now about the same as the instructions on the back of an over-the-counter pill bottle. It’s hard to believe that anybody can actually read that.

The Chamber Library (moderate)

As much as I enjoy the touch/smell/feel of a physical book, it has become almost mandatory for me to use this computer or an e-reader. It might be cheaper for publishers to put as many words as they can on a page, but I like to be able to decipher them.

What I don’t have is the atmosphere of a library to surround me. Until now.

The Chamber Library (moderate)

Storm Septimus↑ has created the Chamber Library↑, a fantastic build within which you can select and read books, poetry, short stories, etc. If you’re a writer, you can also submit your works to be available to the readers who visit.

Unlike the stacks at my University’s library, you access different levels by teleporting – a far superior method to the steep, loud, metal stairs I used to navigate.

The Chamber Library (moderate)

The books are grouped together by genre and each level offers multiple reading rooms. Nothing like this ever existed in any physical library I’ve ever visited!

Getting lost in books will always be one of my favourite past-times … Storm has given us a wonderful new location for this pursuit. :)

The Chamber Library (moderate)
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