It’s Hard to Get Away From Magellan Linden in Second Life

Isles of Ice, Byrd (moderate) (premium)

I’ve been catching up on the adventures of people on my Blogroll. Loverdag has some gorgeous shots of The Colder Water↑, and Inara reminded me that the Lab wants to know our Christmas Wishes.

SOphia Inkpen, though, went to visit the homebase of Magellan Linden. sigh

Isles of Ice, Byrd (moderate) (premium)

I’ve spoken before about our history, so I won’t dwell on it here. As the young folks might say, it’s complicated.

I will say that it’s not too surprising that the jump-off point for his quests reminds me of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude – Magellan’s ego has never been underdeveloped. :)

Isles of Ice, Byrd (moderate) (premium)

If you’re inclined towards paranoia you might wonder about all the bunkers and labs set up on these islands. The Moles are a hardworking team of talented people, but I do worry about them being under the influence of a megalomaniacal hound dog like Mag.

Of course, I might be just a bit biased.

Isles of Ice, Byrd (moderate) (premium)

Don’t get me wrong. I think having Magellan back inworld is a good thing. Do seek him out, learn from him and enjoy his wild tales.

Just lock up your daughters and have something for hangovers in your inventory. :)

Isles of Ice, Byrd (moderate) (premium)
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  1. rhianonjameson

     /  November 18, 2014

    All those snowbanks and ice floes reminded me of something, then it hit me: Magellan’s land looked like my world last winter (and today reminds me uncomfortably of that time). Brr.

  2. Very nice pictures. You should sent them to Magellan and maybe you two can make up. I hear he’s a changed man.

  3. Oh, thank you!

  1. It’s Hard to Get Away From Magellan Linden in Second Life | Second Life Exploring Destinations

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