The Beautiful Chaos, Kosmos in Second Life

Chaos, Kosmos by Giovanna Cerise (general)

I admit there are mornings I’m lacking excitement when first logging inworld. That rarely lasts – particularly when I get to spend time somewhere like Giovanna Cerise’ latest installation.

Chaos, Kosmos refers to the relationship between the original greek meaning of the primitive space from which the ordered universe is created. It also references the creative process – from unorganized or formless thoughts to the aesthetics of a finished work.

Chaos, Kosmos by Giovanna Cerise (general)

In both cases the unstructured, unordered, primordial soup of chaos is still there – it’s just in the background, underlying and underpinning the order that’s been established.

Giovanna provides a flowchart of her process as a recurring design throughout.

Chaos, Kosmos by Giovanna Cerise (general)

This is an immense work, through which you can walk, and fly, and teleport. Use the compass to transport yourself to various locations and levels of “order”.

Midnight and sunset are recommended windlight settings – I’ve used a few different ones as well.

Chaos, Kosmos by Giovanna Cerise (general)

This is my favourite installation by Giovanna. It appeals to my interest in chaos/complexity theory as well as being a visual metaphor for the creative process.

It’s also beautiful. Plan to spend some time exploring and remember to look behind you occasionally. There is a lot of movement and the scene, much like the universe, rarely remains static. :)

PS. Remember, you have two weeks to submit your application for Round 8 of the LEA Artist in Residence Grants. The current grants, including Giovanna’s, will close on December 31. One of these sims could be yours on January 1!

Chaos, Kosmos by Giovanna Cerise (general)
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