Black Elk & The Photohunt @ LEA in Second Life

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)

I have a lot of catching up to do, not the least of which is on the 24 current exhibits at LEA. As a backdrop to my discussion today I went to visit Livio Korobase’s Black Elk.

The artist saw a mention of this Lakota Medicine Man and the result is a glorious installation on LEA1. Make sure you have “region default” windlight settings on. :)

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)

So, my news for the day: Every week the Virtual Artist Alliance hosts two Photohunt Challenges. People arrive, sign up, and are given a theme and a location. They have one hour to come back with a photo which is posted and then voted on by spectators and other contestants. Prizes are awarded from a pool of donations.

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)

Beginning today the Alliance will host a new Photohunt in conjunction with LEA. This will take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month (unless it’s a holiday) beginning at 6:00 pm SLT.

Everybody is invited to join in (or just be a spectator)! The Hunt will begin on LEA3 and you’ll be informed of the day’s theme/location at the start.

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)

I’ll post the few rules over on LEA’s blog once I’ve published this, but you can always find out the details by visiting the Photohunt @ LEA location on LEA3. There’s a strange floating question mark there which will give you notecards.

If you forget the dates/time, or can’t make it today, you can always check the schedule on our calendar.  It has all of the events on the 29 LEA sims – well at least the ones we know about.

I hope to see you there tonight! I won’t be taking part, but I plan to cheer everybody on. :)

Black Elk by Livio Korobase (moderate)
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