Back Home in Second Life

Little Town by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I seem to have forgotten a lot of things that were automatic back when I took my “vacation” from SL. Just creating this blog post has been a comedy of errors I won’t embarrass myself by sharing. :)

While I was gone I occasionally wondered if I’d lose the desire to come back – would I get so used to constant physical that I’d stop wishing for the virtual? Discovering that Cica Ghost has a new home sim on which she has built a Little Town, and then exploring it, made me fall in love with Second Life all over again.

At one point I was lining up a shot and a gargoyle wandered past. I was home!

Little Town by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I learned a few things while I was away. Very few of them might be useful to you, but I’ll share a couple.

First, if for some reason you are looking for an online photo editor (or just another free option with more bells & whistles) then check out Polarr. I haven’t had much time to play with it, but it looks powerful. Maybe if I was using a tablet it would be more compelling, still it’s another tool for photographers and I like collecting them.

The second lesson I’d like to share might save your life someday. If the motherboard on your refrigerator dies and you find yourself tossing out spoiled food (and all those things hiding in the back that are years beyond their best-before dates), don’t try to deal with it at 6:00 am.

Or at least, if you do, keep in mind that olives have pits. Large, solid, sharply pointed, pits. If you don’t pay attention you may find yourself dodging bullets fired from a garbage disposal as they ricochet off walls, appliances, and the ceiling – each of them intent on piercing your vulnerable flesh and wreaking havoc. sigh

Little Town by Cica Ghost (moderate)

I discovered something else while I was off, about myself. It turns out that I am much more attached to the notion of “routine” than I was willing to admit.

One of my objectives on this hiatus was to establish a schedule where I could reliably count on “me time”. That didn’t happen, and it makes me far more uncomfortable than I’d like. I’m going to attempt to just take advantage of what’s available when it happens – I’ll also try not to get really grumpy about that.

Somehow the conflicting needs to develop both discipline and flexibility at my age are daunting. I’m sure it’s character-building if nothing else.

Little Town by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Whatever happens, no matter how much stretching I have to do, it’ll be worth it to maintain my ability to partake of the virtual life.

I had to go back to Little Town and retake a shot this morning (cause, yeah, I forgot to check that all the textures had rezzed) and this relatively new Resident started chatting. He asked me if I’d looked around yet because this sim is “really cool”. I said yes and yes it is really cool.

There’s a lot of catching up I need to do, in the meantime if you haven’t yet visited this new build then you really must. It’ll take a long time to see everything, but that’s true of the grid anyway. It’s certainly worth the effort and I did miss it. :)

Little Town by Cica Ghost (moderate)
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  1. caramia Mizin

     /  November 2, 2014

    Welcome back to #SL Honor, I for one have missed your blogs.
    Hope your holidays away from #SL were fun.

  2. :)))) Welcome back ! So nice to see you here again :)

  3. … never leave with these crazies again, okay?

  4. pepys ponnier

     /  November 3, 2014

    YAY! Welcome back to my favorite exploration blogger! Nice to see you again…

  5. Sinjin

     /  November 3, 2014

    Welcome back! I’ve missed you’re unique views on SL.

  6. I think that was the longest I’ve ever held my breath! Whew! Welcome back, you’ve been missed!!!!! :-)

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