À Bientôt to Second Life

Jadeyu Fhang’s work on Song Bird (moderate)

If I ruled the world there would be a lot of changes made. I don’t, of course, at least not yet.

Jadeyu Fhang’s work on Song Bird (moderate)

One of the things I would insist on is control over what happens in my physical life. Until I achieve that I’ll just have to adapt to circumstances as they arrive.

Jadeyu Fhang’s work on Song Bird (moderate)

My daily routine has become completely borked. The result is that I can’t keep the inworld commitments I’ve made – at least not without a lot of inconvenience to others. The fun stuff (like this blog) isn’t getting done either.

Jadeyu Fhang’s work on Song Bird (moderate)

I’m going to take the next two months to try and establish some kind of stability and a marginal amount of control.

I’ll be back in November! I’ve put that on my calendar so what could possible go wrong? :)

Jadeyu Fhang’s work on Song Bird (moderate)
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  1. hurry back, won’t be the same without you..

  2. Aino Baar

     /  August 28, 2014

    Honour, please take a rest, of course, but not too long. We see through your eyes. Your posts are really needed and always interesting. See you soon. Hugs, Aino Baar

  3. Hurry back and whatever you’re up to, wishing you energy and good luck xx

  4. amplitudejoy

     /  August 29, 2014

    than k you for your loving service. Second life experience has been enhanced by your humourous and insightful comments. Thank you. have a GREAT rest.

  5. Sad news that we cannot read your blog for a while …
    Please take care & hurry back !

  6. The most important thing is…you. We all must take time, sometimes, and rest and restoration are precious. Health, happiness, and well-being are about balance, and that point changes from time-to-time.
    You will be missed, but I know that many are like me and will be feeling grateful that you are doing what you need to do for yourself.
    Have a lovely rest!

  7. Honour. Let me give you my 10 cents worth of advice. After all the years you have spent inworld, you need a real life break. Your body and soul are demanding it. Virtual worlds can only go so far in satisfying what we need as human beings. Unless your Second Life activities are income-generating, there is no need to agree to any more commitments. You do not have to go to any gallery openings, weddings, parties or anything inworld unless you have the time and want to. I have found that my real friends are the ones who put absolutely no pressure on me to turn up to anything. Now giving up blogging has it drawbacks. I believe that blogging activity keeps one’s brain fresh and creative. You are utilizing brain connections that will go stale if you stop. I have basically stopped all inworld activities that require agreeing to an appointment, But I still am turning out at least one blog post a day and enoying it, usually on Second Life destinations. Do what you want to do — but do not throw out the baby with the bathwater!

  8. Take good care of your first life self and if you’re able to, at some time in the future, please come back to your Second Life work. Your vision, taste and curiosity allow me a to see Second LIfe with fresh eyes. I’ve been in world for years and my love of wandering the SIMs is deepened by your commentary, insight and the time you devote to your own journey across the grid. Many thanks and best wishes. Bobo Bolero.

  9. Like Eddi Haskell said RL comes first. Always. Take a time-out, take all the time you need. SL is made for your recration, so is your blog. Don’t let anyone push you into a schedule, log in world if you feel like, blog only if you feel like. You’re not required to do shit ;)

  10. Hope the break works out well for you. Time is a strange beast.

  11. pepys ponnier

     /  October 29, 2014

    Whar Honour, whar???????

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