Desperately Seeking Magic in Second Life

Isle of Dee (moderate)

Sometimes you just need to find the magic. I was thinking about how much I could benefit from some special assistance and that made me think of the multi-faceted John Dee↑, who lived in the period when science and magic were the same thing.

Isle of Dee (moderate)

I’m trying to do too many things right now and not doing any of them as well as I’d like. I’m also not attending (at all) to some of the projects that are important to me – a bit of delegation is going to have to happen.

Isle of Dee (moderate)

It seemed appropriate, while I’m thinking of magic and the Magician, to go to visit the Isle of Dee. You can find out more about the island and their community on their website↑  which has a lot of events and is a very photogenic village.

Isle of Dee (moderate)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to contact the spirit world. John Dee is probably bored and I could use some of his special talents. :)

Isle of Dee (moderate)
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  1. Wizzy

     /  August 11, 2014

    It is best to have a scryer, as Dr. John Dee did in his friend Edward Kelly. You have the benefit of their research however, and the language given to him by the Angels – Enochian.

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