A World that Fits, Sarawak in Second Life

Sarawak (moderate)

Ziki Questi pointed me to the perfect sim for today’s musings. The views just make you want to take a deep breath and relax (well, that and keep clicking the camera button).

On Monday, the hottest day of this unending heat wave, we had a medical emergency.

Sarawak (moderate)

In the succeeding hours/days of ambulances (3), doctors, nurses, etc., there was (and continues to be) much sibling communication by text messages. We each have a cell phone, of course, so this is a quick and easy way to talk.

Sarawak (moderate)

Well it should be easy. I have this tiny little phone – it’s for the occasional call, so nothing fancy, no internet apps or games. And did I mention that it’s tiny? Second Life has spoiled me in terms of being able to adjust my interface.

Sarawak (moderate)

At about 2 in the morning, after hours of trying to type messages, I measured the difference in size between my thumb and one of the letters on the “keyboard”. It’s about 25/1. I keep hitting the smiley key and trying to backspace it out, and hitting more smiley keys in the process, then backspacing, etc., etc., etc.,

I have small hands but I don’t fit this digital communication system. Sarawak is a nice gentle escape from a world without debug settings. :)

Sarawak (moderate)


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  1. Great pictures, as always – especially the first one. I can never get birds to stay where I want them to, but that one was perfectly framed.

    The “big thumbs/ small keys” problem must be a generational thing. I have a work-issued Blackberry, and for the life of me I can’t type on it accurately, much less accurately and at speed. Kids, on the other hand…

  2. Beautiful and restful sim – my favourite kind! Lovely photos, too…
    I do hope the medical emergency is well in hand and that all is well for you and yours. What a miserable time the hot summer is for anything to go amiss.
    Oh, did I mention? I HATE SUMMER! I’m an autumn girl…and looking forward to it!
    Best always…

  3. The photos are so life like . Just lovely ♥

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