The Kindness of Strangers in Second Life

Ciudad Malalife (moderate)

Today I wound up in Cuidad Malalife, the moderately mean streets on the wrong side of the tracks in some large metropolis.

The focus of this build is a Club, but there are shops with street clothes, skins, etc., and lots of nooks and crannies you can explore.

Ciudad Malalife (moderate)

They also offer plenty of locations for snacks (you know that middle of the night peckish feeling people get) and places to escape the crowd.

I might take issue with two aspects of the design though.

Ciudad Malalife (moderate)

The first is that, while it is reasonably easy to find random pose balls labelled “Bitch” and “Hooker”, it is unfortunate that the ones for “Prick” are less obvious (assuming they exist). :)

My second issue is that this place is dangerous. Club goers tend to drink (with the occasional side of pharmaceuticals) and having an open, abandoned swimming pool is bound to result in injuries.

Ciudad Malalife (moderate)

After my whine yesterday about a compass hud that was set up backwards I heard from the very talented Raven Snowfall. He explained that “in the math, it does work that way, sorta. In SL scripts, the directions would go SENW if you don’t finish converting them to a range of values that would match a NESW texture“.

Raven also very quickly created one that works for me. Yes, there is the mini-map, but I don’t need all that information – just knowing the direction I’m heading is perfect.

Blanche meant something very different when she talked about the “kindness of strangers“. I tried out her approach, but I think I’m overdressed.

Ciudad Malalife (moderate)
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  1. lol love the “prick” comment♥ You captured the place perfectly.

  2. Glad I could help out!

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