Gorgeous Scenery on Don’t Be a Dick Day in Second Life

L’Arc en Ciel (moderate)

I followed Bitacora Viajera to Asa Vordun’s beautiful sim, L’Arc en Ciel, this morning. These images focus on the bucolic aspect of the island, but there is much more.

Now, before anybody accuses me of going all photobitch on this landscape, I assure you I used the region default windlight. I suspect there’s pollution off in the distance and that this affects the cloud colour.

L’Arc en Ciel (moderate)

I was thinking about pollution, or at least polluted minds, as I did my chores today. It seems to me that one of the advantages to being older is that I won’t have to live with the consequences of all the stupidity being marched across the world stage these days.

I’m not talking about people blowing each other up – that’s all just too evil for words. Instead I was contemplating the idiots that have seem to have no hesitation in displaying their unqualified dick-headedness.

So, on this Don’t Be a Dick Day, allow me to share 3 recent examples of the type of person you don’t want to be … at least out in the open … where people can hear you.

L’Arc en Ciel (moderate)

If you’re a politician, and you want to be taken seriously, announcing that “women should not laugh in public” is self-defeating. They do vote you know.

In that same vein, if you’re somebody with a senior position in the local area Party organization, and you’re really hoping that your team will be re-elected, and you’re asked if you can have a candidate who beats up his girlfriend, don’t say “Well, why not?”. You won’t like the answers.

L’Arc en Ciel (moderate)

Finally, even if you’ve made a career out of being a dick, are known for your dickness, in fact have set the standard for idiocy in the dick area, saying that what a woman brings to marriage (more than anything else) is her “youth” and that this “is a fragile and diminishing resource” is pretty extreme.

Saying all that while sitting on a panel with 4 women puts you in the pantheon of the oblivious. I guess he’s been married 5 times because his wives keep losing their most “valuable asset”.

May you all enjoy a dick-free day. :)

L’Arc en Ciel (moderate)
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  1. I thought “women should not laugh in public” was self-defeating because the very statement causes women to laugh.

  2. I feel sad and angry – and am completely overcome by a fit of giggles! What on earth are these ****heads thinking? Or ARE they thinking?
    I think not.

    Lovely sim, Honour! Thank you for sharing it. I’ll pop over and have a look – as I enjoy yet another dick-free day! (Mireille has dick-free days, every day. NO DICKS need apply!)

  3. The shallow and self-serving Geraldo Rivera has pissed me off for decades!
    You images (and Ziki’s) of L’Arc-en-ciel may finally rouse me from my Flickr hibernation ;p.

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