LEA Grants, a Move & Lists in Second Life

Imagination on Guana Cay (moderate)

If you go visit the current incarnation of Imagination on Guana Cay you might be shocked to see the note that it’s closing on July 27th. Don’t panic! She’s moving to a sim called Dark Bay and the new build is under construction.

I’ll get over there when it’s open for visitors and see what she’s up to.

Imagination on Guana Cay (moderate)

The Linden Endowment for the Arts has announced the latest round of Artist in Residence Grants and the next group of grants for Core sims will be coming soon. Remember you can apply for the latter at any time.

Most of the 20 AIR installations will remain open until the end of this month. Go to the Welcome Area on LEA3 and you’ll see giant posters which will give you teleports to some very cool immersive exhibits.

Imagination on Guana Cay (moderate)

I’ve mentioned my lists before, all those things I want to get done. Some are short-term urgent, some are important but not as high a priority.

Livio reminded me that one thing on my list is to calibrate my monitors. This became apparent to me when I set up the second one – they aren’t the same. I’m moving calibration higher on the things I’ll get done even though it means navigating more techie stuff. He’s right though – knowing that object really is red (for example) would be valuable. :)

Imagination on Guana Cay (moderate)

I’ll go tackle the urgent things – I hate the guilt if I get too far behind.

You should check out the current build on Guana Cay and make a note to visit her new sim once it’s opened. I’ll start an additional list of landmarks I have to change …………..

Imagination on Guana Cay (moderate)
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