Delicatessen in Second Life & (yes) Tea Towels

Delicatessen (moderate)

One of the regions I have to check regularly is Delicatessen, the home base for Meilo Minotaur and Capcat Ragu. I revisit this location fairly often and not only because I admire them as artists.

Remember, I’m an avatar junkie and their Meta-Body project has resulted in dozens of amazing creations – all of which are freely available to us. Teleport around (you’ll find the controls in one of the strange objects at sea level, along with some cool options in a big tree) to find a vast array of odd things and beautiful beings.

On one of the platforms you’re told to “follow the teapot”. This reminded me of a story I was going to tell you – because, real life can be just as strange and mysterious as the virtual.

Delicatessen (moderate)

Let’s consider tea towels for a moment. I know there are people (I’ve met one) who not only have a drawer full of them, but they place the newly laundered ones at the bottom of the pile so they all get used equitably. I don’t.

This means that when I’m reaching the bottom of the drawer, trying to find a towel to use, something is not right. When the drawer is completely empty I know there’s a serious problem here.

I mean, come on, they’re tea towels. They don’t just walk off and people don’t steal that kind of thing.

Delicatessen (moderate)

So I do the logical thing. I ask my 93 year old mother if she’s seen the tea towels. “No”, she says. “I was going to ask you where they all went.”

I ask, “Well, is it possible they’ve wound up in your bedroom with your laundry?” “Don’t be ridiculous!” she replies. “I don’t have them!”

I waited until she was outside on the patio and went searching. I found tea towels under her bed, tea towels in her sock drawer, and tea towels laid out carefully on her chairs.

Delicatessen (moderate)

I told her what I’d found and she said “Oh, well I need those.” When asked why, she explained that she puts them on her chair so that after her shower the seat won’t get wet.

I pointed out that she has a huge basket full of bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths, and could use some of them. Apparently she doesn’t want to get them dirty. sigh

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need more coffee. I have to count the spoons again – something is happening in the cutlery drawer.

Delicatessen (moderate)
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  1. orijinalchris

     /  July 20, 2014


  2. lol ♥ Bless her heart :)

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