Here’s Some Sun in Second Life, Now Send Me Your Rain!

Solaria (moderate)

I hear rumours that it’s raining in various physical world locations. Unfortunately, this is not the case where I live. In spite of the fact that I’m in the middle of a rainforest, in a location known for its supposedly temperate climate, we are experiencing the second week of a misery-inducing heat wave.

Rather than visiting a rainy sim, I thought I’d offer you water-logged individuals a location for sun in the hope that you would be grateful enough to send my typist some cooler weather.

Solaria (moderate)

I’ve shared Solaria with you twice before. On both of those occasions I was seeking sun and warmth, so I’m hoping you’ll use it as an opportunity to dry off. Even though Maveryck Breen is constantly changing things, it’s still one of my favourite towns.

My images today are the results of more experimentation with various debug settings. This means they don’t really show the build to its best advantage, but I am learning a lot.

Solaria (moderate)

If it was just a sun-baked mediterranean village with a quirky harbour that would be sufficient for me to say you should visit. There is an additional treat for explorers though.

A previous city was at this location and it was consumed by the ocean. Since this is Second Life you can explore those ruins as well – Maveryck made a video for those who’d like to check it out. I still don’t speak Italian, but it doesn’t matter. The images, combined with his accent, work just fine. :)

Solaria (moderate)

I have to keep playing with these debug settings until they become more instinctive. Then I can go back to basic worries like composition, lighting, angles, etc. I’ll also start wishing the Lab gave me an easier way to change them – some sliders would be nice.

Go enjoy the sun on Solaria and please send me your rain!

Solaria (moderate)
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  1. What debug settings are you playing with and what are they supposed to do? What viewer are you using? I don’t speak Italian either but whatever he’s saying, I’m buying. :)

    • LOL

      I use the Lab’s viewer and I’m playing with the camera settings you use to work depth of field – but although I turn on depth of field, I’m adjusting them in different ways to see what happens (usually with minimal blur) – in other words can I mimic something other than the default 35mm camera lens and can I improve my images if I do.
      I’m also attempting to mimic HDR – but I think a filter I found does a much better job since we can’t change shutter speed inworld.

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