Heading Back in to the Labyrinth of Second Life

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar (moderate)

My month long vacation is over (sob). Although I didn’t go anywhere, or do anything fabulous, the change in routine was very beneficial. I heartily recommend the practice and certainly won’t wait more than 7 years to do it again.

It did give me time to think unfortunately – so there will probably be a couple of serious essays here on the blog in the next while (sorry about that). It also gave me the opportunity to poke around the technical side of photography and try to apply some things to what we do inworld.

I’ve been playing with various settings and attempting strange things. There is much more experimentation to do and, if it seems to work, I’ll share the approach with you. In the meantime, this artist is the unfortunate first victim of my attempts to improve the images I capture.

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar (moderate)

My break was cut short by a few hours when I realized that Romy Nayar was opening a new installation yesterday. El Laberinto Perdido↑ (The Lost Labyrinth) is a massive, dark, beautiful, haunting, strange, creepy, brilliant creation.

There’s an important warning outside its gates:

Important visitors Notice:

If you decide to delve into the Lost Labyrinth, your deepest fears and defects will take your control. You will live them again and again and again and…again…

No one has gotten out …

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar (moderate)

Romy told me, just before I entered the Labyrinth, that the journey transformed her. I said I’d probably just get lost – which I did. Some things don’t change. :)

Here are a few tips:

  • Use the region default windlight setting. It’s dark, but you can see and it is necessary for the wonderful atmosphere.
  • Have your sounds turned on. Ux Hax has done the scripts and the sounds and they’re fabulous!
  • Look around! Even before you enter the gates you’ll find some quirky and bizarre treats.
  • If you get stuck, find yourself confronted with a dead-end, try clicking on the walls. Some of them move.
El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar (moderate)

I have a lot of exploring to catch up on and a ridiculous number of messages and notecards to go through. We need an automatic response function for those things. Mind you, many of those who knew about it didn’t seem to think “On Vacation” actually meant what it says.

Still, having El Laberinto Perdido↑ as my re-entry onto the grid was a perfect way to remind myself of the reason I love the place.

It’s good to be back. :)

El Laberinto Perdido by Romy Nayar (moderate)
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  1. amplitudejoy

     /  July 14, 2014

    It’s good to have you back. Hoping that the World Cup brought you the excitment and re-creation you were hoping for.

  2. … you were gone?


  3. carama Mizin

     /  July 14, 2014

    Welcome back Honor, you took a months holiday wonderful to recharge, and now your back I will resume my exploring of the SIM’s you posted about.

  4. I must say: I missed you and reading your blog every day, Honour, but I feel so happy for you that you took the time for yourself and have come back refreshed and diving in anew. Wonderful! Welcome back!

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