My Quadrennial Obsession & Vacation From Second Life

Pigeon Island (moderate)

It’s time for me to take a vacation. I’m tired and lacking the ooomph I need to get everything done I’d like to do. Oh this isn’t a dramatic exit or an emotional flounce out the door – just a vacation.

It is entirely coincidental wink that my absence will coincide with an event for which I have waited 3 years, 11 months, and 30 days. Tomorrow is the beginning of World Cup and I am thrilled beyond measure.

Pigeon Island (moderate)

I love the game. I’ve played it (badly) and I’ve watched it for decades from a chair in front of the television, from the sidelines, and from the stands.

When I was living in University residence, I would take the bus to the far side of the city to an old wooden stadium and watch my local team play. There was no roof and you had a view of the water and the mountains in the background, but all of that was ignored while the game was on.

Pigeon Island (moderate)

Families would bring picnic lunches and spread them out on the wooden bleachers (our version of a tailgate party). There would be kids playing and laughter and conversations in multiple languages. I would eat my sandwich and prepare for the first whistle and then join in the chanting and screaming.

It was heaven.

Pigeon Island (moderate)

It is the “beautiful” game and watching it played at the World Cup level is extraordinary. No other sport incites the amount of emotion, in as many people around the world, as football/soccer does. This tournament is a perfect storm of skill, national pride, technical brilliance, passion, failure, drama, and heroics.

No, it doesn’t have the pinball scoring effect of something like basketball. It doesn’t need to.

So, before I crash and burn, I’m taking some time off to indulge my love for this game. My friends/team-mates/clients will still be able to reach me. I’m not going that far. :)

Pigeon Island (moderate)

Before I do, I’ve tried to figure out a way to explain why World Cup is something I’m so excited about, even in the face of the very dark side attached to this tournament. As various articles I’ve read have tried to express, this is the people’s game – and the game is separate from the corrupt and sleezy organization that acts as its governing body.

It belongs to the young kids playing with a rock in a dirt field; to the teenage girls driving 30 miles every week in the winter to play in the freezing rain, in shorts, on an all-weather gravel pitch; to those families with their picnics.

On Sunday John Oliver expressed the feelings of millions and millions of fans. If you haven’t seen this, please watch. It might mean that the next month makes more sense to those of you who don’t (yet) share our passion. I’ll see you again in mid-July. :)

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