The Enchantment of Alice in Second Life

Enchanted Alice (moderate)

Ricco doesn’t post often, but when he does it’s well worth paying attention. Yesterday’s offering introduced me to Enchanted Alice, a build which reflects the grid’s love for a classic novel and its wonderful characters.

Enchanted Alice (moderate)

The first things I fell in love with were the animations – just wait until you go to fall down the rabbit hole or climb onto the mantel to enter a picture.  They aren’t simple and they aren’t hurried; I was very impressed.

Enchanted Alice (moderate)

I’m not sure I actually saw everything – there are halls, and paths, and detours, and a myriad of hidden corners where couples can dance or just get lost in their thoughts. Alice didn’t have a map and part of the charm is that we don’t either.

Enchanted Alice (moderate)

I’m trying to get all of my outstanding to-dos done before my quadrennial break. Some things will have to be neglected – but I am hoping to have a guilt free type of vacation.

More on that in a couple of days.  In the meantime, enjoy Enchanted Alice. :)

Enchanted Alice (moderate)
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