Waiting on the Wine in Second Life

Caprice & Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

The past two days inworld have been excruciating. Getting textures (or even my avatar) to rez has been ridiculously difficult and, since I was trying to take photos of this gorgeous location, very frustrating.

Caprice & Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

Asa Vordun and Dez Akemi Melomane are neighbours on this island and have a number of things in common. They both love to take photos, excel at landscaping, and go shopping at any available opportunity – which means they are always updating their surroundings.

Caprice & Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

Asa calls her area Caprice, and Dez has named her parcel Cantrip de Savor. They blend seamlessly even though they have different aesthetics.

One of their objectives, apart from having fun and creating beauty, is to build something for photographers/bloggers/explorers to discover and enjoy. If you pay a small amount (L$100) to join their group, you can rez props and poseballs.

Caprice & Cantrip de Savor (moderate)

After two days and multiple relogs I only managed to get a handful of shots. The one thing different about my system in the past few days is a new NVidia driver – so I’m going to revert back to an older one and see if that fixes my problem.

When I do I’ll probably discover that, if I had only waited another 30 minutes, the chair was actually blue …. or green …. or anything but grey. At least I did get red wine. :p

Caprice & Cantrip de Savor (moderate)
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