Flotsam & Jetsam & Second Life

Freeport Township of Flotsam (moderate)

I’d like to place the blame for what happened this morning on Saffia Widdershins, after all she is the one who persuaded me to go visit the Freeport Township of Flotsam. Saff and her team are planning a Designing Worlds program on this extensive build, and she was full of excitement about steampunk and hippocampus races, and I needed a distraction.

I suspect, however, the responsibility is all mine and my excuse is that I got almost no sleep last night.

Freeport Township of Flotsam (moderate)

You see something has moved into my physical world attic and they had a party right over my bedroom. I don’t think it’s the raccoon, unless he has teenagers and he left them unsupervised (some parents have no consideration).

Whatever it is made so much noise that my big, brawny, male cats wouldn’t come any further than the doorway. They sat there and waited for me to do something. my heroes

Freeport Township of Flotsam (moderate)

I just wanted an escape. I looked around the Town of Flotsam and at some of the pirate ravaged boats, but decided to forgo the Captain Nemo underwater experience and use the tunneling machine to go spelunking.

It’s Second Life, so I didn’t wonder why it was a giant insect giving me my equipment. If I’d been thinking clearly, though, I would have wondered why a cave explorer would need a double-barreled shotgun.

Freeport Township of Flotsam (moderate)

The tunnels and caves seemed to go on forever, in a large part because of the noises I could hear – there must be some very large monsters living in the depths below Flotsam. Honestly, I started having flashbacks to 3:00 am and the sounds of mammalian merriment which had already set me on edge.

Then I got chased by two giant triffids. The cats were, once again, no help whatsoever.

I may keep the shotgun for my trip up onto the roof. Some member of an animal species is about to become jetsam.

Freeport Township of Flotsam (moderate)
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  1. great light

  2. Wonderful post – I’ve got to go see that sim…
    We just had squirrels in our roof (had to have a new roof because of storm damage, and little squirrels found a way in and were partying away over our den). We got live traps, but before we put them out, we decided to try something – and it worked! We turned the television up LOUD whenever we were not in the den including overnight. In two days, they gave in and left. Apparently, they do not like the sound of human voices – especially when there are several different voices and they are LOUD.
    I’m not sure this would work for other visitors, but I hope yours scoot soon!
    Bonne chance!

  3. Thanks for this Post! This is one of the best Steampunk inspired sims I have visited in a while. Make sure to see Captain Nemo — I visited last night and it is very well done. It reminded me of a Walt Disney attraction combined with a touch of “Yellow Submarine” 60’s Beatles Psychedelica. The interior of the Sushi restaurant is very well done also.

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